/ Musings

Riding the wave

Embracing the effects of a phasic personality

Takeaways from Release Notes

Turning a pleasant fire hose of information into actionable improvement

The value of iOS test-driven development (TDD)

Starting with tests helps you write better code

Lopsided relationships

Navigating both sides of uneven relationships

Leveling Up with Automated Testing

My latest focus in self-improvement as a software engineer

Writing reusable code

Make your own life easier by focusing on writing code that you can reuse in multiple projects

iOS 10 and my apps

Some raw thoughts on how the new possibilities announced at WWDC 2016 might affect my apps

The Luxury of Launching into Obscurity

Launching without an audience is intimidating and empowering.

Finally getting started

After putting this off far too long, I’m finally blogging.