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This is a library I made in order to prompt for user feedback or App Store reviews in a pleasant, non-obtrusive way. It is designed to drop down a view with a question and two answers. The typical flow would be to ask whether the user is having a good experience, and if so, ask for a review, and if not, ask for email feedback.


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This has become my dumping ground for all helpful additions and extensions that I want to be able to reuse in all of my apps. Generally, if I find something that I was to share between my apps, and it does not make sense as a library by itself, I include it here.


This library started from a common need to display avatars to represent people in different apps. Usually, there is an image for the person, and if not, initials should be shown instead. As this has been used in different apps, it has grown to include additional custom views:


CustomTabBar is an iOS component for a custom tab bar.


This library provides a UIDatePicker wrapped in a UIAlertController-like view along with some helpful actions. This has allowed me to provide a better experience in many apps for choosing dates or time intervals. It is highly configurable, either through Interface Builder or in code, allowing it to be used in a variety of situations.


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LoadingBanner is an iOS component for a small, collapsible banner to show loading or error status.


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